Give Austin is a Give Texas project created to enhance community giving in the Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Empowering users to make consistent, genuine, and informed contributions to their local nonprofits with the goal of maximizing community engagement and support.


Give Austin is a Give Texas project created to enhance community giving in the Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is set up to showcase the nonprofit organizations offering their services to the people and communities of Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties in Central Texas. Give Texas is a company actively partnering with local nonprofits whose efforts are focused right here in our Capital's backyard. We are here to simplify and streamline the process for you to discover, learn about, and give to local nonprofits.

We have a few questions for you, but don’t worry! This is no interrogation! Have you ever had the desire to make a charitable contribution, but felt like you weren’t educated enough on an issue to make the right decision? Are you passionate about donating locally? Is there a specific cause close to your heart that you hope to learn more about? Do you simply need more information on the organizations serving the area before you can even think about giving? If you answer yes to any of those questions, you will find exactly what you are looking for here on Give Austin. This is a platform where you can discover local organizations working every day to make their community better. It is a platform where you can learn what a nonprofit does, where the money goes, and who makes it happen. Give Austin is a platform where you can make informed contributions to your local nonprofits.

Discover how it all works below, browse our frequently asked questions, and even send us a comment if you have any questions! Giving just got a whole lot easier - what are you waiting for?



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Browse our list of the most active and influential nonprofits in greater Austin, by area or category (or both!). Discover the passion of organizations working daily to solve some of our toughest challenges. Here you’ll begin to see why your contribution is crucial.

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Get a better understanding of what problems systematically affect local communities by understanding the organizations fighting to eliminate them. Equipped with the awareness of issues and the understanding of how to support local nonprofits, you are a powerful force for good.

3. Give


Give Austin generates contributions that are meaningful and honest. Here, donors invest in their communities through gifts supporting the efforts of great organizations. Our 3-click donation process is the quickest and most simple way to fund positive change in your own backyard.


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Andrew Weinrich, Founder

A more appropriate question would be who am I? My name is Andrew Weinrich and I am the founder of Give Texas and the Give Austin project. I relocated here to Austin after graduating from college in May of 2018. This was when I realized ATX was the place that I most personally identified with, and where I wanted to begin my independent adult life. I see the creative spirit, relaxed energy, and caring nature of this city that is present at some level in every person and business that calls Austin home. Those aromatic qualities of Austin are what inspired me to start Give Texas at the beginning of 2019 when I knew I wanted to support my new community, but didn't know where to start.

A new year had just begun in a relatively new place, and like many of us, I had a resolution to get involved by volunteering or donating somewhere - anywhere. I had numerous friends suggest reputable organizations with heavy local presences. Repeated google searches returned blog posts that focused only on the heavy hitters of the local nonprofit community. However, as I then tried to get a better picture of the Austin nonprofit scene, I realized the amount of organizations serving Travis County and the surrounding areas was absolutely huge - at least 50 times bigger than I could have realized. No friend's suggestion or search engine result could adequately portray the vast number of nonprofits in our area or the wide range of causes that they aim to tackle. Luckily, I live in Austin and am surrounded by thousands of people who don't look away from problems without answers - they solve them. So I decided to create Give Texas and its flagship project, Give Austin. It may not be the perfect solution, but I am constantly working to make Give Austin a place where anybody can discover, learn about, and give to local nonprofits while gaining a better understanding of both the issues that affect our community as well as the organizations that work tirelessly to eliminate them.

If you have stumbled across this website and taken the time to read what Give Texas is about, I want to personally say thank you. This project is extremely important to me and something that I hope can further empower the nonprofits in the area. If you have suggestions on how Give Austin can better serve the greater Austin area or if you just want to say "good job", please fill out the contact form below and let me know what you think!

Like what I'm doing?


What exactly is Give Austin?

Give Austin is an online directory of nonprofits that serve the greater Austin area. We publish nonprofit listings, ways to give, and information that helps you give back.

What can I do on Give Austin?

You can discover, learn about, and give to local nonprofits. If you’ve ever felt a calling to donate to charity, but didn’t know where to start, Give Austin was made for you. Our listings provide general information for you to understand the gist of our partnered nonprofits. After learning about a particular organization, you can learn more from their website, make a contribution to their cause, or discover more local nonprofits!

How much of my donation goes to Give Austin?

0%. Unlike other fundraising or nonprofit listing sites, Give Austin doesn’t collect a penny from the amount you donate through Give Austin. We want our partners to get more support, not less!

Is it safe to donate on Give Austin?

Absolutely! We process donations through Donorbox and Stripe, which turn card numbers into undecipherable strings (even when you save your card for recurring donations). Because no record of your credit card information is ever stored in an online database, hackers won’t be able to get it!

I only see a couple nonprofits listed on Give Austin, why is that?

Give Austin is relatively new, and we are still working hard to build our reputation and to get as many nonprofit partners as we can handle! We are constantly growing, so if there is a nonprofit that you’d like to see on Give Austin, let us know and we’ll get them onboard!

Can my company match my donation through Give Austin?

Not yet, unfortunately. We are currently working on a company matching process and hope to have it up and running soon!

Is Give Austin a nonprofit?

Nope, but we love nonprofits! Give Austin is merely a website that helps direct people to our partner nonprofits.