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Your Mission Statement goes here - right up top! The most concise and encompassing description of your nonprofit will be the first descriptions users see and will spark their interest to continue reading!





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Tell our users just how far a donation goes in your organization! By laying out custom donation amounts and concise blurbs about what they provide, viewers get to see exactly what their donation provides.

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You can up to 4 Directions of Funding in this area, or none at all! However, we can't overstate how helpful it is for potential donors to be given a clear picture of what they're providing with a donation.

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When selecting the option to donate, either here in the "Where Your Donations Go" section or up above in the Action Bar, users will see a popup donation box, powered by DonorBox, allowing them to make a quick and secure donation without ever leaving your listing page.

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Donations made on Give Austin are still subject to processing fees instilled by DonorBox and Stripe, our online payment processing programs. We can't control that. What we can control is what we charge in donation processing - which is nothing!

ABOUT Your Nonprofit Name

Welcome to the About section. Here, you have the chance to fan the spark of a user's curiosity into a flame of interest! If you had 5 minutes to tell somebody the most important details of your organization, what would you say? Think of this area as the detailed elevator introduction of your nonprofit. Our About section allows you the freedom of custom paragraph headings, inserting your own informational graphics, and embeddable videos. The goal here is to be clear and informative in as few words as possible. Give users enough potent description to take action, but don't let them lose interest through information overload!

Another stellar feature in the About section is the ability to insert a link to a more specific area on your website. This Example Link won't actually take you anywhere, but it's an example of what your link might look like. You can link a specific program, a petition for change, a current fundraising campaign, and more!


Over 80% of our audience visits Give Austin on a mobile device. Because of that, we made sure our listings look extra smooth and pretty on smart phones and tablets. Go ahead, view this page on your phone and see for yourself!


You can add up to 5 paragraphs in the About section. These would be a great place to share the services that your nonprofit offers to it's served population. Numbered lists, bullet point lists, and plain text formats are all supported. Tell the world exactly what your nonprofit does to make Austin (and the world) a better place! Picture an organization that told you they fed the hungry. Now, picture the same organization offering a detailed blurb about the process in which they accept and collect unused food donations, organize and package the portion that can be redistributed, and then deliver the resulting resources directly to a community of citizens facing hunger. The more detailed statement offers people a deeper look into all the smaller efforts and actions that produce the nonprofit's overall impact. If someone knows their $30 may allow 2 hours of food packaging and delivery, they're much more likely to donate it for exactly that purpose.


Another great use of the About section is to display information on volunteering and your nonprofit. Don't need or use volunteers? No problem! You have the freedom to put whatever you want out here.


Tell our users about your staff! Sharing the names, faces, and bios of up to 8 members of your dedicated leadership team will help potential donors relate to your organization on a personal level. Maybe a viewer shares the same love for a local coffee spot as your Director of Operations. Maybe they can relate to your Executive Director's guilty pleasure of reality TV. Maybe they share the same alma mater as your Media Coordinator! We all want to keep it professional, but lowering our walls every once in a while helps us see each other for the unique individuals we are and connect in a whole new way. You never know what small, personal connection could lead to a follow, a share, or a donation!

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