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The mission of It’s Time Texas is to ignite a social movement empowering Texans to live their best lives and thrive through healthier lifestyles and building healthier communities.





Coaching Session

Covers the cost of one Living Healthier coaching session led using motivational interviewing techniques.

Physical Activity Classes

Covers the cost of three months of physical activity classes.

ABOUT It's Time Texas

Born out of ACTIVE Life in 2014, It’s Time Texas (ITT) is an Austin-based nonprofit championing the movement for a healthier TX by making healthier lifestyles more accessible for all Texans. Our programs and partnerships empower Texans to lead healthier lives, build healthier communities, and contribute to a healthier state.

We were established with funding from public and private partnerships (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, H-E-B, RGK Foundation, and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Education Program) nearly all of whom continue to support the organization today.

It’s Time Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit empowering Texans to lead healthier lives, build healthier communities, and contribute to a healthier state. Every day, we work alongside Texans committed to improving health within their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. Our goal is a Texas where everyone – no matter where they live, their age, race, or income – has the resources, support, and opportunities to prioritize health and live their best life. Through programs and partnerships built to advance health on multiple fronts, we are shifting behaviors, practices, and policies to make health core to what it means to be a Texan. Together, we are igniting the movement for a healthier Texas. Join us at

At It's Time Texas, we work hard and we help each other. We offer a stimulating work environment where talented people, who are committed to transforming health in Texas, thrive. We're going all-in on building a culture of health in Texas.


Amy is a strategic thinker who loves helping great organizations grow to their full potential. Amy joined It’s Time Texas as Chief Strategy Officer in 2016. Under her leadership, the organization has expanded its presence and impact across the state while increasing sustainable funding to deliver on its mission of creating a culture of health. In her first two years as CSO, Amy played an integral role in shepherding a public-private partnership with the UT System to develop the Healthier Texas Summit, a two-day event drawing more than 1,000 thought leaders and health champions from across the state. With a keen eye for improving processes, communication, and culture, Amy has guided key programs through business planning, relationship-building, and statewide launches while helping teams meet and exceed grant deliverables year after year. Promoted to the role of CEO in 2019, Amy continues to lead It’s Time Texas in the advancement of its mission with a focus on empowering stakeholders, strengthening strategic partnerships, and creating meaningful, measurable impact. She is honored to work with so many dedicated staff, partners, and community members working to build a Texas where everyone has the opportunity to prioritize health and lead their best life. Prior to joining It’s Time Texas, Amy led a successful career in business development, earning recognition as one of Austin’s fastest growing startups. Over 15 years, she secured dozens of multi-million dollar contracts and helped companies across diverse industries win billions of dollars in business. Amy has facilitated strategy sessions across the US and UAE, and delivered presentations and trainings to proposal professionals worldwide. Amy holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and a PhD from Purdue University, where she was a recipient of the EPA’s Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Graduate Fellowship. She has served on several nonprofit boards of directors and currently serves on the board of Wonders & Worries. Amy and her family love to travel and experience different food, cultures and ways of life.
Tracy Walker is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at It's Time Texas
Kristen Nussa is the Senior Director of Mission at It's Time Texas
Arlet Pollack is the Living Healthier Coordinator at It's Time Texas
Candyss Bryant is the Senior Director of Development at It's Time Texas
Joel Gross is the Senior Director of Programs at It's Time Texas
Allison Stinnet is the Outreach Coordinator at It's Time Texas
Ben Clutter is the Director of Strategic Relationships at It's Time Texas

It's Time Texas is a trusted Give Austin partner and a verified 501(c)(3) charitable organization