Mount Nebo

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Mount Nebo exists to bring Gospel-centered community development and mentorship to children of under-resourced communities. Our vision is to see those we serve equipped in relational community and lifestyle management. We accomplish our vision through mentorship, programming, and discipleship.





Program Funding

Give one time today or set up a recurring donation through Give Austin to help support the programs we run. Your gifts provide meals, sport and game equipment, updated tutoring resources, and so much more for our students!

General Funding

Support our mission by giving one time today or setting up a monthly donation to our general fund where we will be able to designate which aspects of our service have the most need.

ABOUT Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit serving children from hard places in under-resourced communities around the city of Austin, Texas. More specifically, we connect children living in government-funded housing complexes and other privately-owned low-income housing to our volunteer base of over 200 college-aged students in lasting and meaningful relationships.

Our goal is to equip the students we serve with the restorative and redemptive power of the Gospel in order to empower them to become leaders among their peers. We are able to do this by fostering sustainable mentor-mentee relationships through our regular after-school discipleship, mentorship, and academic tutoring programs.

We meet our students “where they are” by going out and running programs in the comfort of their own communities. At Mount Nebo we believe it is important to seek to understand before seeking to be understood. We live out this truth by striving to really know our students and by caring for their holistic needs (i.e. physical, socioemotional, spiritual, etc.)

Mount Nebo is:

  • An interdenominational faith-based holistic ministry.
  • Intentional about training our volunteers on ways to care for the whole student in order to better meet needs beyond the physical.
  • Focused on building life-giving and sustainable relationships between our volunteer mentors and the students we serve.

Mount Nebo is not:

  • A church - rather we serve communities that are often unchurched or underchurched. We work in partnership with many local churches and seek to provide connection on both ends to bridge the gap.
  • An agency. Mount Nebo does not provide social services of any form and does not provide direct financial support in any way. That being said, we are always happy to connect families to outside formal resources that exist.
  • A one-time evangelistic outreach. Although we recognize the validity and benefit of other methods of connecting young people to the Gospel, Mount Nebo exists to foster lasting mentor-mentee relationships rooted in these truths. The derivation of our name speaks to this well. In scripture, after Moses led the Isrealites through the hardships of their 40 year wandering through the desert in search of the “Promise Land,” he was called up onto Mount Nebo where he saw a glimpse but never got to experience the fullness of walking those he led into this promise. Much like Moses and the Israelites, we at Mount Nebo serve our students through the “hard” understanding that we may never personally experience the “fruit of our labor” in seeing the leaders each of our students grow up to become but still persevering nonetheless.



Morgan began her service with Mount Nebo in 2016 when we launched. She has since served in numerous positions of leadership within our organization including faithfully serving as our Regional Director for two years before stepping into this role. Morgan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Business Management and Communication Studies in 2018 and is presently seeking higher education in both Trauma-Informed Care and Mental Health Services.

Mount Nebo is a trusted Give Austin partner and a verified 501(c)(3) charitable organization