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things to know before fundraising

Take it seriously

We take our fundraising very seriously and you should too. The partnerships we've formed with local nonprofits are sacred to us. If the content you submit for your fundraiser misrepresents our partners or is deemed inappropriate by either their team or ours, we will not hesitate to take it down.


We are so thrilled you've chosen to fundraise on Give Austin, and we want to make sure your fundraiser is as successful as possible! However, a lot of that success rests on your shoulders. To get the most out of this fundraiser, we suggest setting a realistic fundraising goal, representing yourself in a genuine, vulnerable, and personable manner, contributing as much as you can at the start in order to build and carry momentum, and frequently sharing your fundraiser on your social media platforms.


It can be frightening to put yourself out there and to make a nonprofit's mission and message your own. However, we think you'll find that it is also empowering and creates a life-changing amount of good. Thank you for fundraising on Give Austin, and good luck!