Fundraising Information

how our fundraising works

Give Austin strives to offer effective peer to peer fundraising opportunities to individuals, families, businesses, work teams, and more through interactive, social, and aesthetic online fundraisers. Our fundraising pages are quick to set up, designed for sharing, and mobile optimized. That means it takes a small amount of time for you to do a large amount of good.

To get started, choose the nonprofit you want to support with a fundraiser and visit their listing. You can view our complete list of nonprofit organizations here. Once you’ve found the perfect nonprofit, start your fundraiser with our create fundraiser button! It looks like this:

Next, you’ll tell us a little bit about the fundraiser you’re hosting. You’ll need to set a goal amount, tell us about yourself, and declare a call to action and personal message in order to move forward. All of the information on the fundraising form is required in order for us to maximize the success of your fundraiser.

After you complete and submit your fundraiser form, you’ll see a sneak preview while we’ll take over and start setting up the real thing! The set up process usually takes less than 24 hours. Once your fundraiser is live and published, we’ll send you an email with the link to view and share it like there is no tomorrow!

Additionally, your fundraiser will be made visible across our website.

where does the money go?

Give Austin does not collect any portion of funds donated on our site or through our fundraisers.

The money donated through Give Austin fundraisers is directed straight to the benefitting nonprofit organization. The host of the fundraiser does not at any point have access to any of the funds donated through their fundraiser. Our fundraiser hosts take care of the sharing and setup of the fundraiser while we securely handle the money and tracking. It really is a match made for success.

This page will be continue to be updated with additional fundraising information.